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Roofing – Case Study

In this case study we look at a roof renovation in Omagh. The house is on the Derry Road out of Omagh.

From the road the roof didn’t look that bad except for some moss.

But closer inspection revealed the roof tiles had completely perished as too had the roof felt. This meant the roof was leaking into the house, Luckily the repair was made before any major damage.


One of the rooms in the house had a fireplace many moons ago. The chimney had been removed when oil central heating was installed and the client asked the thechimney to be replaced. Here was see the new chimney being built.


A brand new red brick chimney with lead flashing ready for the new roof. The flue had been specified for a wood burning stove.


Off with the old roof tiles, new felt and lathes ready for the new tiles.



A telescopic was used to held with the roof tiles. No running up and down ladders like the old days and so much quicker.


The roof complete with the chimney pot of the new chimney just about visible. The red roof tile perfectly complimented the red brick.



This was a fairly small roof in a busy street in Omagh. It presented a number of challenges. First was the location. The property is on Castle Street which is an arterial route to the retail park from the top end of the town. This presented a number of challenges for materials deliveries, scaffolding and telescopic issues.

Apart from the moss on this roof you can see there was no flashing to the adjacent property. When the slates were removed we replaced some rotten timbers.


This photo shows a considerable improve we’re sure you’ll agree. Brand spanking new and ready for another 20/25 years of the elements.

This is a prefabricated portal frame building which is constructed from aeroplane aluminium parts after the second World War. The property’s roof structure had perished and was starting to let in water. Upon inpsection we found that the chimney was cracked and was in need of repair. We also had to deal with structural issues to the portal frame.

After renovation the property’s outward presentation is significantly improved. A new lightweight zinc tile effect roof really makes the building.  The new brick chimney with lead tray means this property is ready to face many more years of Northern Irish weather.